Hierophant Courses for 2015

If any of the workshops below interest you, please ring the clinic on 62956939 to book your place.

Autumn Herbal medicine course – Reconnecting with plants – Organolepsis
Gerry Dendrinos  | Consecutive Wednesday evenings runs for 10 weeks

Journey through the Chakras
Rovaye Hodges | Consecutive Monday evenings for 8 weeks

Natural Medicine Travel support workshop
Rovaye Hodges | Sunday afternoon – 4th term

Homeopathic First Aid Course – All Hierophant Practitioners
Weekend course and/or one consecutive evening for 6 weeks – Weekend course date – TBA

Children’s Health & Pregnancy– a homeopathic perspective
Smita Pillai | Sunday afternoon – September

Rayid – Birth order – Prakash Snare
Birth Order – introduction – 2 consecutive Wednesday evenings
Herbal Materia Medica & Archetypes – Wednesday evenings for 6 consecutive weeks .

Using Crystals in Daily Life workshop
Rovaye Hodges | Sunday 6 hours

Aromatherapy for everyday Wellness
Vanessa Corrigan | Monday evenings for 4 consecutive weeks

Facial Diagnosis – Tissue Salts – Children’s Health
Robyn Barraclough  | Weekend – date- TBA

Menopause –Natural medicine support
Rovaye Hodges | Consecutive Monday evenings for 4 weeks – 3rd Term

Herbal Tea Spring Workshop
Rovaye Hodges  | Sunday afternoon – October date TBA