Hierophant Courses for 2019

We are busily scheduling courses and information sessions for the coming year.  Here is a peek at just a few.  Watch this space for more information as well as other course listings….


Living with Meniere’s with Christopher Smith

Date:  Tuesday 05 March 2019 7:00pm – 8:30 pm

Join our Sunday Herbalist Christopher Smith for an informative evening on how to live with Meniere’s Disease, an inner ear condition that can cause episodes of vertigo, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus and loss of hearing. Although there is currently no cure for this condition there are ways to manage it.

Those who have the condition can attest that it is not only the physical symptoms that can be debilitating. The condition causes emotional and mental stress as well.

Christopher was diagnosed with Meniere’s in 2007 and now specialises in helping others with the condition. He will provide many insights from his own personal experience as well as from his extensive herbal knowledge and research into the condition.

So, if you have recently been diagnosed, know someone who has, or just want to broaden your knowledge, this is the place to be.

Cost:  $20.00 (+booking fee)

Bookings:  Through Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.com.au



Tea Toasting and Tasting Evening

  • Date – Tuesday 16 April 7:00 – 8:30pm

The colder months are moving in and, as they do, our thoughts turn to warm cups and soothing brews.

Join Rose-Marie Mcintee and Patty Zorzetto as they share with you some tasty and healthy tea blends that will help ease your way through the colder autumn evenings and chilly winter days.  The ladies will cover three teas during the course of the evening:

  • a soothing blend that will help ease winter colds and flu,
  • one that can assist with stress and
  • one that will help you sleep.

As you sample each blend, Rose-Marie and Patty will share with you their knowledge and experience with each herb, the benefits of teas and the best way to prepare each one.

At the end of the night you will not only take away knowledge of the individual herbs but also a sample bag of the teas tasted during the evening.

Cost:  $25.00 (+booking fee)

Bookings:  Through Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.com.au



Aromatherapy Essentials with Vanessa Corrigan

Duration:  3 x 4 hour workshops

  • Dates:  Sunday 19 May, 26 May & 02 June  3:30 – 7:30 pm

In this series of workshops Vanessa looks at the basic principles of understanding and using essential oils from the perspective of morphology, the study of plant form or structure. Essential oils are extracted from various structures within plants. These include roots, wood, bark, resins, peel, fruit, leaves, grasses, seeds and flowers.

The following questions will be answered::

  • How are these oils extracted?
  • What do essential oils from each of these groups have in common?
  • How do we use them?
  • What about safety issues?

Over the three workshops you will study and experience several essential oils from each group and learn about their chemical properties, as well as their practical uses from topical application to emotional and psychological uses. Each week includes a practical component where you will make two products to take home after each class.

Also included in the course cost is a comprehensive set of notes for future reference.

At the end of the workshops you will have an understanding of 30 essential oils, the correct dilutions when working with essential oils as well how to safely use and apply them in daily life.

Bookings: Through Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.com.au

Cost:  $450.00 + booking fee



Aromatic Blending for Winter Wellness with Vanessa Corrigan

Duration:  1 x 4 hour workshop

Date:  TBA

Some essential oils have potent aromas and others have softer scents. How do we bring these together to create harmonious blends? In this fun and totally hands on workshop Vanessa will guide you through blending techniques as you produce a range of products that will help ward off the winter woes. With her guidance you will create a massage oil, cream, hand gel, sniffy stick and body scrub. At the end of the workshop you’ll have these products to take home with you as well as a better understanding of how to blend essential oils.


Aromatic Summer Travel Kit with Vanessa Corrigan

Duration:  1 x 4 hour workshop

Date:  TBA

The onset of summer can bring it’s own challenges. In this educational and fun hands on workshop Vanessa covers the various essential oils that can be used to help combat some common summer ailments.  You will have the opportunity to create your own personal kit of essential oil based products for sunburn, bug bites, sleep, headaches, digestive issues and the old favourite, smelly armpits!