Essential Oils

The Hierophant stocks a number of essential oils. Our most popular essential oils include Lavender (relaxing); Lemon (uplifting); Ylang Ylang (soothing); Patchouli (balancing); Neroli (purifying); Peppermint (warming); and Rosemary (stimulating).

Each of our oils is individually priced and most are sold in a 15ml bottle. Prices range from $3.95 for 17 ml of Pine essential oil to $45 for 5mls of Australian Sandalwood Oil.

Essential Oils should capture the pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, the metaphysical qualities of a plant. Quality does vary and it is strongly recommended that you purchase authentic 100% pure essential oils for use.

There are a few notable exceptions to 100% pure, such as rose essential oil which costs thousands of dollars per litre, so what is widely used is 3% essential rose oil diluted in a quality carrier oil, such as jojoba oil – and it still smells beautiful.

Essential oils are extracted from the plant in a variety of ways, including: expression, distillation or solvents.

For herb tinctures, emollient (used internally) and macerated (also called infused oils) – see the Herbal Extract page.

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Carrier Oils

One of the most popular carrier oils for massage stocked in The Hierophant is Sweet Almond ($4.50 /100mls, $8.50/200mls). Other carrier oils available include: Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Jojoba,  and Macadamia.

Carrier oils or base oils are used for their lubricating properties in massage or to help dilute essential oils which may be too strong to use directly on the skin

Carrier oils can be used on their own or have other botanicals, such as essential oils, added to them. Carrier oils are used in massage oils, to make soap and creams – and of course, cooking.

The best carrier oils are 100% pure, unadultered and have been as extracted as naturally possible – ie, cold pressed or unrefined oil. This maximises the therapeutic content contained in natural oils.

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Infused Oils

Infused oils are carrier oils with the added therapeutic benefit of the herb or herbs that have been permeated or macerated in the oil.

The Hierophant currently stocks infused oils of Arnica, Calendula, Carrot and Hypericum. See price list above.

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