The Hierophant has a range of high quality Japanese, Tibetan and Indian incenses.  Prices range from $1.50 to $7.50 a packet, and gift packed incenses start at $13.95.

These smudging herbs are stocked by the Hierophant:

  • Cedar – Australian White Cedar is used to promote harmony and balance through grounding.
  • Lavender – used to allow clarity and calm out of emotional stress.
  • Mugwort – also known as Black Sage, Mugwort is used to promote physical wellbeing, endurance and protection. Can bring prophetic and happy dreams and aid astral travel.
  • Patchouli – use it to get in touch with your sensuality and to promote a feeling of wellbeing.
  • Rosemary – used to help remember the deeply hidden emotional trauma of lifetimes.
  • Sweet Grass – used to entice positive energy and entities but by that same appealing nature, it can also attract unwelcome attention. Best burned after or with sage to deter these negative influences.
  • Thyme – used to instil courage and grounding to face down your fears to allow the necessary steps to clarity and ultimately, detachment.
  • White Sage – used for cleansing of spirit and protection by the indomitable strength of the divine masculine.

What is smudging?

This technique allows the smoke from a smouldering herb – prepared as a smudge stick,  smudge bundle or loose herb – to permeate and infuse a space and those in it with beneficial qualities of the plant.

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We have an eclectic range of purpose filled gifts from around the world encompassing most spiritual traditions. If you are looking for something that adds meaning to someone’s life this is a wonderful place to begin.

Discover symbolic items from Tibet to South America, from Egypt to Africa and India.

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