Phil (Prakash) Snare – Herbalist

Phil completed his initial studies in Herbal Medicine in 1985 after graduating from the ANU with a Bachelor of Science.  He went on to study with renowned herbalists Simon Schott, Dorothy Hall, Kim Dudley and Matthew Wood. His interest in Natural Therapies expanded to include studies in Dietetics and Nutrition, Homeopathy, Chinese herbalism with Yuan Feng and Ayurvedic Herbalism with Rama Prasad.

Phil combines his extensive herbal and homeopathic knowledge with Iridology and Rayid Birth Order, a fascinating study of our place in the family and how it impacts us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  These modalities help Phil to create an accurate client profile and provide effective and extensive treatment plans.

Phil says that although the basis of his clinic work is Western Herbal Medicine, his  knowledge and understanding of how other herbal traditions use herbs have given him a broader approach drawing on traditional and modern western herbal medicine, the Chinese tradition, Ayurveda, the American eclectic tradition and Mathew Wood’s vast knowledge of European and American herbs. Each tradition provides valuable information to assist different clients and different health conditions.


  • Bachelor of Science, Australian National University, Canberra-majors in Maths and Physics.
  • Diploma of Dietetics and Nutrition- QINS (Queensland Institute of Natural Science)
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine – QINS
  • Diploma of Herbalism – Dorothy Hall College
  • Diploma of Herbalism and Homeopathy- Kim Dudley School of Herbal Medicine
  • Certificate of Ayurveda- Rama Prasad
  • Rayid Practitioner and Teacher- Approved by Denny Johnson
  • Certificate IV workplace training and assessment.
  • Diploma – The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy- The Institute of Biochemic Medicine.

Birth Order: Eldest of 6 boys.

Special Interests: Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Birth Order, Healing in general.