Prakash Snare

Education and Qualifications:

  • 1975 Higher School Certificate (year 12), St Patrick’s College, Goulburn
  • 1984 Bachelor of Science, Australian National University, Canberra-majors in Maths and Physics.
  • 1983 Diploma of Dietetics and Nutrition- QINS (Queensland Institute of Natural Science)
  • 1985 Diploma of Herbal Medicine – QINS
  • 1995 Diploma of Herbalism – Dorothy Hall College
  • 2002 Diploma of Herbalism and Homeopathy- Kim Dudley School of Herbal Medicine
  • 2004 &2009 Certificate of Ayurveda- Rama Prasad
  • 2006 Rayid Practitioner and Teacher- Approved by Denny Johnson
  • 2007-08 Certificate IV workplace training and assessment.
  • 2013 Diploma – The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy- The Institute of Biochemic Medicine.



  • The pupil and Sclera Seminar through Toni Miller School of Iridology  European Iridology Seminar through Toni Miller School of Iridology.
  • Iris Fundamentals Seminar through Toni Miller School of Iridology
  • Herbal Medicine Seminars by Mathew Woods, Canberra 2003-2013; France 2010.
  • Homeopathy Seminars by Rajan Sankaran and the Joshis- Bombay school, Sydney 2003, Canberra x2.
  • Homeopathy course with Jeremy Sherr- case taking and repetorisation. 2014
  • International Iridology Conference, Sydney 2006, Gold Coast 2008
  • Over 25 seminars with the founder of Rayid 2000-2014 , Denny Johnson.

Main Modality:

The basis of my clinic work is Western Herbal Medicine. Since the beginning of my studies in the early 1980’s I have studied how other herbal traditions use herbs. This approach resembles that of Michael Tierra who coined the term planetary herbalism. I have been fortunate to study with Western herbalists Simon Schott, Dorothy Hall, Kim Dudley and Matthew Wood.

I have also studied Chinese herbalism with Yuan Feng and Ayurvedic Herbalism with Rama Prasad.

My knowledge and use of herbs therefore draws on traditional and modern western herbal medicine, the Chinese tradition, Ayurveda, the American eclectic tradition and Mathew Wood’s vast knowledge of European and American herbs. Each tradition provides valuable information to assist different clients and different health conditions.

Hobbies: Golf ; Genealogy, Reading

Birth Order: Eldest of 6 boys.

Special Interests: Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Birth Order, Healing in general.