Rovaye Hodges – Homeopath, Herbalist, Journey Practitioner

Rovaye has been practicing as a Classical Homeopath and Traditional Western Herbalist continuously for more than twelve years.

She uses her training in biochemic tissue salts, iridology, crystal therapy, journey work and reiki to assist her clients in achieving optimum health and well being by bringing balance back to the body and mind.

The presentations of imbalance are myriad and range from emotional and psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and insomnia to long term physical problems including arthritis, asthma, digestive disorders, skin complaints and endocrine imbalances.

Seasonal complaints such as hay fever and sinusitis and acute conditions such as colds, flu, breaks and sprains also come under the areas of treatment that classical herbalism and homeopathy can alleviate and cure.

In the last few years, Rovaye has become a Journey practitioner in recognition of the valuable tools it provides both to her and her clients to release cell memory, which can be a real hindrance to wholeness. Journey work goes deep within the body to access the innate healing potential that is within each of us to heal the cells of old patterns and memories so that the body can heal naturally. Rovaye believes that homeopathy and traditional herbalism also accesses cell memory, so the modalities work hand-in hand.

Rovaye’s journey into traditional healing began in the 1980’s as a result of personal experiences and she commenced by studying at the Kim Dudley Naturopathic College in Canberra. After moving to an isolated rural environment with her husband and three children, Rovaye had many opportunities to use these time-honoured methods. She continued her training during this time with Ian Howden, another respected teacher of homeopathy.

Returning to Canberra, Rovaye completed her diploma and apprenticeship then went on to do the Advanced Diploma of Traditional Western Herbalism with Dorothy Hall. Since that time she has been practicing and continuing to attended many seminars both in Australia and overseas to keep informed of latest developments in her fields of interest in natural therapies.


  • Diploma of homeopathy and Herbalism –Kim Dudley College
  • Advanced Diploma of Traditional Western Herbalism – Dorothy Hall
  • Diploma of Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • Journey practitioner
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Crystal therapist
  • Cert iv in Training and Assessment