Smita Vibhakaran Pillai – Homeopath

Smita is a classical homeopath from India. She was passionate towards homeopathy since childhood. She recommends homeopathy for everyone to maintain a harmonious balance in the body thus helping people to enjoy good health. She strongly recommends homeopathy to be taken in health and disease. In health to continue being healthy and in disease to bring back health!

“I have practiced homeopathy for over 12 years now, well versed with the principles of homeopathy, it comes naturally to me, as I am the eighth homeopath of my family. That’s all I know about health for me, my family and my clients!”


Smita has a Master’s in Public Health from University of Wollongong. She also possess a Bachelors in Psychology . Her passion about natural medicines made her choose Homeopathy as her carrier path and underwent a rigorous 5 and half years of full time training in Homeopathy, wherein training in anatomy physiology, pathology, medicine and surgery were all compulsory along with homeopathic subjects She has practiced homeopathy in a busy 100 bedded homeopathic hospital. Outpatient departments would have a flow of over 1000 patients per day. Each practitioner would see over 40 clients per day. To practice in such busy environment, excellent observation skills and exceptional knowledge of the subject was prerequisite.

Professional Affiliations and Associations:

Smita is assessed as a naturopath by VETASSESS, which is an Australian body assessing foreign education. She is also registered with AROH (Australian Register of Homeopaths).