Tarot and oracle cards attract a lot of interest at The Hierophant. The cards depict the journey of life and many people use them as an aid to self-discovery. The shop stocks a wide range of tarot packs and books and we can also order packs in for you.¬†Click here to see what’s in stock.

The Tarot is an ancient picture-book of game of cards that can be used for divination. Its origins are uncertain. Some claim the cards are of Egyptian origin. Certainly they were known in Europe in medieval times and their use was favoured by wandering Gypsy groups.

Still at fairs and in private consultations people seek out Tarot readers to know what has been and what is still to come. But more recently, the Tarot pack has found favour with those seeking to discover the nature of the forces that stem from within their own unconscious and shape their lives. It is seen as a book of wisdom, an aid to self-discovery, perhaps unparalleled in the esoteric traditions of the world.

Thus the Tarot offers a journey and insight into the events of the mundane world and a journey into the inner workings of our psyche. We hope our choice of Tarot packs and books will help illuminate for you more clearly this journey into life.

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