Tim Thomas – Homeopath

Tim began his studies in Herbal and Homeopathic medicine with Kim Dudley in 1982. In May 1988 the two co-founded The Hierophant. Their vision for The Hierophant was to create a space of healing, learning and sharing of information for their clients that was affordable and easy to obtain.

As well as practicing, Tim was actively involved in the preparation of various plant remedies and homeopathic studies in accordance to traditional herbal and homeopathic guidelines.  He has also lectured and tutored in Homeopathy and Herbal medicine at The Hierophant for many years.

Tim is also a registered nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Royal College of Science in London.

Today Tim is one of Canberra’s respected homeopaths with a diverse client base that is Australia-wide . His style of consulting incorporates his vast knowledge and understanding of herbs and homeopathic remedies with his scientific curiosity and ontological coaching. This style of coaching can be adapted to adults, children and teens and is based on a deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations, all of which culminate in powerful transformation.

Tim is also especially good at interacting with and understanding children and young teens and has effected significant changes in behavioural issues  such as childhood tantrums, nightmares, hyperactivity and ADHD and physical conditions including childhood eczema and skin related issues, respiratory ailments, acne as well as other challenges.


  • Diploma Herbal and Homeopathic Medicine – Kim Dudley College
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) A.R.C.S
  • Registered Nurse
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment.
  • Ontological Coach