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Tim Thomas
Homeopath, Herbal Medicine, Life Coach

Many years ago, whilst on my own journey of self-discovery, I heard about a talented practitioner and teacher who lived and worked in Canberra.


I knew at that moment that I would leave Wales. This was where I had to come. I needed to meet, listen to and to learn from this man. 

And so the next part of my life journey began.


I’m Tim Thomas, owner and co-founder of The Hierophant, and I have dedicated my life to studying, practising and teaching homeopathy. 

I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) from the Royal College of Science, London, and, in order to further my appreciation of conventional medicine, I trained and worked at the Canberra hospital as a registered nurse.  It was during my nursing career that I also studied Herbal and Homeopathic Medicine with Kim Dudley.


I’ve been in full-time practice in Canberra since 1990 and am passionate about helping and coaching people, especially those who suffer from chronic conditions.


I also enjoy working with children and find that nowadays many of the children I treat are the children of the children I treated years ago.


Homeopathy and herbal medicine and an inquisitive and analytical mind are my tools.  With them, I’ve had many successes.


Life is too short to suffer.


I pride myself on having restored health and balance to many people and I am grateful for the work that I do and the knowledge that I am able to share.


I look forward to meeting you.


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