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Blandine Guillot
Lightshift Therapist, Holistic Counsellor
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I have been interested in Indigenous healing practices for more than 10 years. 


During this time I have studied with Minmia, a Wirradjirri Elder, healer and teacher and I have received the precious ancestral knowledge called Lightshift. I am a Medicine Woman and continue to learn these precious teachings. 


Lightshift has taught me that trauma and the negative emotions that people experience in life can lead to blockages in their soul.  The more we store these, the greater the blockages.  As a result, we can become stuck in cycles of negative thoughts and emotions that cloud every part of our lives.


The Lightshift moves, and can even remove, these blockages, allowing people to get closer to their higher self.


My goal is to help people who are stuck in an emotion to move into the next stage and lighten their life.


As a qualified and registered psychotherapist, I can also complement the Lightshift therapy with holistic counselling as it is often useful to deepen some of the issues that have resurfaced.


I can consult in English and also in French, my mother tongue.


I would love to help you experience this amazing therapy that has the potential to redirect your life.


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