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Rhonda D
Reiki Master, Soul Retrieval,
Past Life Regression, 

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A Shaman Practitioner deals with spiritual aspects of illness. I’ve been training, learning, practicing, and working in this field for nearly 30 years now and am also a Reiki Master, counseller, coach and aromatherapist


We are all connected to this beautiful planet and each other. It is my connection to nature and Mother Earth that allows me to connect to my clients as well.

My number one goal is to help you discover who you are and embody your personal power so you can create the life you want to be living, and together  we can achieve this in a few ways.


Reiki, energy clearing and chakra balance is a lovely way to connect with new clients, help clear any energies that no longer serve, balance your Charkas  and repair any damage to your aura.


Past Life Regression through hypnotherapy helps you to understand why you have chosen your current relationships and life circumstances.  It is also a pathway to access your life plan, to understand and help you clear

limiting beliefs and bring clarity to current day life.


Discovering the Genie in your Genes helps you to pinpoint the unconscious forces driving you, bringing awareness to any blocks and desires so you may  manifest more consciously. These sessions combine numerology, astrology,

archetypical and ancestral patterning and will help you to release any old and limiting belief patterns. It is a powerful and life changing process that I am honoured to be a part of.


Soul Retrieval is also life changing. Over time we all lose aspects of ourselves for various reasons such as traumatic events or illness.  It is a natural coping mechanism but can also be damaging, resulting in anxiety, phobias,

self-esteem issues, as well as physical dis-ease. It involves a combination of energy healing, counselling and shamanic ceremony and can result in profound realisations and changes for you.


Are you ready to create transformation on an unconscious level and have  conscious awareness of it?


My mission is to facilitate this transformation so you can live the best life you can.


I look forward to working with you.


Vision Shifting with Rhonda D

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