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Roberta Wicks

I have been involved in the metaphysical/personal development fields since the early 80s and began working as a professional astrologer and tarot consultant in 1995. I am passionate about my work and also love to share my knowledge as a teacher of the two modalities.


Astrology is the study of seasons, cycles, and human potential and development. During my readings, we explore your natal chart, the map of where all of the planets were when you were born.


 This helps us to discover who you are intrinsically - your personality, strengths and challenges.  It also helps us to look at your life path and understand the directions you can take.


My readings also cover many other aspects of who you are.  With me, you can delve into aspects of your past, your current life cycle, and what’s coming up for you. This allows you to flow with your own unique life tides


To create your natal chart all I need is your date and place of birth. Time of birth is desirable, but not essential.


I also use tarot within my Astrology readings, where appropriate, and also offer tarot readings on their own.


I look forward to meeting and working with you.


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