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Nathan Clements
(LCHE, Dip.BioEnMed)
Homeopath, Electrodermal Screening
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I have a degree in Homeopathic Medicine and am trained and experienced in both traditional and modern approaches. I have combined my training with Vegatest Electrodermal screening, an electro-acupressure diagnostic tool that can detect imbalances, and pinpoint potential problem areas.


My journey began with the never-ending cycle of appointments and diagnoses that failed to help me with my own chronic illness. Combining homeopathic knowledge with the Vegatest, I was able to overcome the health challenges that I faced and am now passionate about helping those who suffer from chronic illness, knowing exactly how it feels to be caught in this cycle.


I specialise in finding the root cause of your symptoms and prescribing an effective homeopathic treatment protocol. I can also advise you of any relevant environmental factors that are impacting your health.


My scope of practice spans the entire spectrum of ill health with chronic degenerative conditions being my specialised area. Other areas of practice include autoimmune disorders, functional and structural organ health, hormonal and reproductive health, respiratory conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, inherited genetic conditions, toxicity and detoxification issues, allergic conditions including hay fever and seasonal allergies, skin and urinary complaints, acute Illness/Injuries, such as colds/flu and infections as well as stress-related and other mental and emotional conditions.


I’ve found that the synergy of Homeopathic Medicine and Electrodermal screening technology has successfully helped many who have suffered from mystery symptoms of both known and unknown origin, those who like myself have been told “You will just have to learn to live with it”.

I enjoy helping people of all ages and from all walks of life with their health and wellbeing challenges and am available for appointments in person or via zoom. I also offer an obligation-free discussion for you to explore whether my approach to Homeopathic medicine and healing can help you with your own health and wellbeing


I look forward to working with you.


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