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Indira Hnatiuk
Inner-Fitness Training

My name is Indira Hnatiuk and I have been a practitioner for over two decades.

I am trained in 8 modalities - including Western Science and Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and a range of modern psychology techniques. The techniques that I developed helped me create the life I love and I was also able to reverse a severe and chronic illness to have great health and energy.

I created my Inner-Fitness Training technique after helping thousands of clients    and exploring what really works.

How do you discover and activate your Inner-Powers to live your best life?

​Maybe you sometimes feel stuck, stressed, confused or lacking energy?

Maybe you even struggle with knowing where you are going in life?

Maybe your doubts and fears stop you from taking advantage of opportunities?

Inner-Fitness training gives you the strategies and tools to discover your automatic patterns, update them and then create your beautiful, peaceful, empowered Inner-World.

Find out how you too can enjoy your Inner-World, with more resilience, stamina,   fun, joy, spontaneity and the ability to get things done so that you can design your  life and make it happen.


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