Pink Mulla Mulla can assist those who put out prickles to keep people away because of what they consider to be a deep hurt, wrong or injustice having been committed to them in the past. They may remain isolated from the world leading to feelings of suspicion about others motives, often being on constant guard against being hurt again and using hurtful words as a form of protection.  Spiritually Pink Mulla Mulla can assist those who are carrying the scar of a deep spiritual wound. The wound has resulted in their feeling by Spirit which has led to sabotage (and fear of spiritual abandonment once more) that is stopping their spiritual growth.


Negative Condition

  • Deep ancient wound on the psyche

  • An outer guarded and prickly persona to prevent being hurt

  • Keeps people at a distance


Positive Outcome

  • Deep spiritual healing

  • Trusting and opening up


**Please seek advice from your health care provider if symptoms persist.

Size: 15ml


Pink Mulla Mulla